Rob Shanahan is one of the world’s most published photographers in the music industry. His photos have appeared in numerous ad campaigns, CD/DVD covers, books, galleries, and magazines around the globe. He is Ringo Starr’s personal photographer and has been working closely with him since 2004, photographing and designing his tour books, DVDs, and records “Y-Not” and “Ringo 2012.” In 2008 he accompanied Ringo to Liverpool to document his return home and a string of performances in the “Liverpool — 2008 City of Culture” festivities. He also photographs Ringo and Paul McCartney for Cirque dul Soliel/The Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas. Rob is also chief photographer for Yamaha Music Corporation since 2003, and has photographed hundreds of Yamaha-endorsed artists including Elton John, Barry Manilow, Sammy Hagar, Alicia Keyes, Jason Mraz, Natalie Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Dave Navarro, and many more. His photographs are featured in Yamaha’s global advertising campaigns. “Volume 1”, his first published collection of music photographs, was released in December of 2011.

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