Because we’re all up to our necks with “free work”

Work for Free

Professional Film Crew with pro gear looking to work for free (Bay Area)

We are a pro team of 10. We all have masters degrees and have Emmy and academy nominations. We have a sound stage, arri Alexa, over 100 zeis lenses, and over $250,000 work of production gear. We just want to stay busy and are willing to work for free for the following perks:

  • To add to and diversify our reels
  • free pizza
  • to build relationships
  • the possibility of growing a relationship

We believe these reasons are far more important than paying our bills or feeding our children. Frankly we think its more important to help you with your zero budget project than it is to have a value put on our work. We love seeing “No pay” jobs here because really it’s about art, not money right? If our award winning team can help you with your zero budget masterpiece, please let us know. Email at Payyourfuckingcreworsuckadick @

See you at the Oscars!

Via DIY Photography

You Talkin' to Me?

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Bart Schreuder

Great fake add, but probably very close to real life.

Nashawn Osborne

Hilarious! With all that stuff they can just rent out equipment and be set. Obviously fake.

KB Johnson

This is quite interesting and hilarious. I read this same ad within the Atlanta Craig’s List! I knew immediately what it was. I sent a response to the guys/girls who posted the piece and told them I was a little pissed off that I did not think of it first. They sent me some of the responses that they received and we had a good laugh. Any business that has an investment in education, equipment, insurance, software, computers, marketing, payroll and let’s not even talk about taxes; cannot–will not, ever respond to this type of post. No one should ever work for free. That’s why they call it work!


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