Chris Jones offers 10 tips for the aspiring musician on how to get noticed in the film composing world.


1. Submit what was requested
We were pretty clear, we needed MP3 files with the name in a specific but simple naming format. What we got sent to us was links to playlists, WAV files, MIDI files and all manner of other weird stuff. Emails saying ‘hey brother, check out the tunes on my soundcloud…’ Really? Do I really have time to go do that? The bottom line is this, when submitting your work, make sure you actually submit what is asked for. Failure to do so means you simply won’t be considered. It’s brutal, but it’s true. We had way more submissions than we needed so why would we work hard to accommodate people who could not even follow the most basic instructions? It blows my mind people can go to great lengths to create amazing work but fail at the last and simplest of hurdles. It reminded me of a quote from Jon Reiss when we ran his distribution masterclass and he said ‘50% of submissions fail at the first hurdle because people cannot read and follow the instructions’. True.

2. Don’t try and sound like a 140 piece orchestra
We had a number of tracks that were attempting to sound like the London Philharmonic. But they weren’t. Sadly, these tracks often sounded just like synths trying very hard to sound like live musicians. Even the ones with better samples and sound mixing just felt like they were trying too hard. I understand why some people would feel the need to go there, but I would recommend against it.

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