Shane Hurlbut explores some of the tools used in camera movement as well as his approach to shooting a moving sequence in the film Mr. 3000.

Motion is a very powerful tool in telling your story. It can create tension, evoke tears, make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat. I love moving the camera, but only if it helps the story. Moving a camera just to move it is not a good rule. Read the scene and ask yourself how will movement make this better? How will it support your character’s Emotions?
 “Your tools to move”

 We will be looking at one of my movies that I have not really discussed much to date. It is one that I am very proud of. Once I start watching it, I can never stop, always a good sign. Mr. 3000 was a film directed by Charles Stone in which we used many ways to move a camera. For the next few weeks, we will discuss their usage in different scenes. We will show a sequence from the film. Then we will discuss the choices that we made.

Let’s start with our first motion tool.

The Dolly: This tool has been around since the beginning of cinema in one form or another. It is a very useful device to support your camera system.

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