The next version of Adobe’s video apps are coming soon, and with the NAB convention less than a week away, Adobe is giving everybody a “Reveal” at some of the newest updates to Production Line. While Adobe has been committed to vertically integrating their products to serve your workflow (such as adding dynamic link to quickly jump back and forth between their products, the addition of Prelude for ingest, and SpeedGrade for Color Grading), the newest feature could be the beginnings of a shift in how we think about editing.

Introducing Adobe Anywhere

What if you could edit your project anywhere in the world with a broadband internet connection? That, in a nutshell, is what Adobe Anywhere promises. Store your original files on a media server running Adobe Anywhere and you and other creative professionals can collaborate whether your own the same network or even thousands of miles away.  And we’re not talking about copying files from one computer to the other, checking in and checking out resources, or editing with proxy files. Adobe Anywhere is real collaboration through the internet giving team members instant access to original files from practically anywhere.

Everyone will need the latest version of Adobe products and Adobe has yet to release the specs required for the server but it’s press release states that it will “integrate with standard IT hardware, software, and network processes”

After Effects Gets a Live Cinema 4D Pipeline

Adobe After Effects saw a huge leap forward with the implementation of some basic 3D rending capabilities with CS6. But the next version of After Effects will include a “lite” version of Maxon Cinema4D which will allow you to insert complex 3D objects directly into After Effects without having to jump back and forth using pre-renders and file exchanges. You’ll be able to import common 3d Model types such as OBJ, FBX and Alembic 3d and everything will be rendered by the Cinema 4D Advanced Rendering engine. This could greatly simplify how 3D is implemented in every day graphics.

Other Improvements

Adobe is only covering the video apps in their  “Reveal” but all of their products are looking to get some improvements. Adobe seems to be dedicated to vertically integrating the production process, beefing up the next version of Adobe Prelude to help log and ingest footage (an App for Prelude will be coming down the pipeline soon), and better integrating their script software Adobe Story into the rest of the line. Adobe Premiere Pro will add several workflow features including the ability to selectively copy and paste items from the clipboard, and improved color grading with the Lumetri Deep Color Engine. After Effects will boast what is practically the fastest and easiest way to perform complex rotoscoping, by bringing “Refine Edge” plugin from Photoshop into the After Effects environment.

We’ve only highlighted a few of the new additions to the next version of Adobe Video products. More information will be publicly available next week as Adobe “Reveals” more about these products at the 2013 NAB Convention. Until then you can read the official Press Releases on the Adobe site (Adobe Anywhere, Video Workflow Press Release)

Also check out more information on their NAB Reveal Site.

There is no word on the release date or pricing for the next version of Adobe products. If you want to make sure you’re first in line, you can purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription which will give you access to CS6 now and the next version when it becomes available.

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