Have Ridley Scott Produce and Direct Your Kickstarter Video!!!

Famed director Ridley Scott is launching a new production studio offering free Kickstarter videos to young and aspiring filmmakers.

“It’s about time we start recognizing the ground breaking talents of these unknown artists” said Scott in a press conference. “My heart aches at the thought that the world is missing out on such great untapped cinema.”

The newly formed company called Stultus Productions will offer free Kickstarter Pitch videos to applicants looking to fund their films. Ridley Scott will personally oversee the planning and execution of these pitches, employing his extensive knowledge and team of special effects artists.

“This is amazing,” said Marco Sampson, a part time film student, “It’s about time they finally recognized that we are so much more creative than the Hollywood establishment. I have a script about a struggling writer who is unlucky in love that would be perfect for this”