Evan Luzi covers 5 ways that the camera assistant can make the editorial process as simple as possible.

Have you looked around on a film set lately?

You might notice that production and post-production are beginning to merge.

Walter Murch, the “Yoda of editing,” often talks about how he doesn’t think editors belong on set. He thinks they need to come to the footage fresh with untainted eyes — knowing in your mind, for instance, that a shot took a whole day to film might bias you into using it.

From a philosophical standpoint, I agree with Murch. From a practical standpoint, especially with low budget filmmaking, I don’t see it happening.

Editors do come on set. And part of that is to smooth the shift from production to post-production.

It’s more common than ever for post-production supervisors to be present near video village. Sometimes they’re there for visual effects (VFX), sometimes for editorial purposes.

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