BMCC vs Red Scarlet vs Sony F5

522 Productions compares three popular cameras.

We did a very intensive test on the BMCC, Red Scarlet and Sony F5. What we found was that every camera has their purpose. From being onset and not looking at the footage in post production, the Sony F5 was the winner. It is a great ‘do all’ camera with an amazing image. Unfortunately, we can’t edit this footage in Premiere CS6 because there is no plug in that allows us to do so. The only way I could show the shots is with a screen shot via content browser. Anthony is going to see if he can get it into Davinci Resolve.

The Red was a solid camera but temperamental. You really needed to know all the ins and outs before shooting as well as what the assignable buttons were assigned to.

The BMCC looked amazing in post but we will talk with Anthony as he dives into each camera in the post production process. Be on the look out for that video coming soon.