Here are a few tips for the photographer coming from the other side of the lens.

Dear (new-ish) Photographer,

My name is Model. I would love it if when you shoot me you take these things into consideration to achieve the greatest effect for us both.

– Male or female, give some playful banter. It makes me so happy when I am in the company of someone who knows how to laugh. If you can laugh at yourself then it’ll make me laugh too and we’ll both feel more relaxed.


– Don’t laugh at me. Don’t give me negative vibes by pulling funny faces, giggling at an awkward angle or allowing me to think I am anything other than the sensational creature my confidence needs to believe I am.


– If you have never shot a model before, perhaps consider paying an experienced one so you can relax and enjoy the day without the pressure of getting those shots for the team working TF. Get the shots for you, nobody else needs to see them. Let the model do the work.


– If you have a makeup artist present, she will be worth her weight in gold. Not only will she transform the ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly (not only physically, but most of all mentally), but she will also provide friendly advice on things you might miss – a sneaky bra strap and stray hairs that you’ll have to edit out later. Plus she’ll give you more than the one look I was born with, because lets face it, I can’t do my makeup to a perfect standard, if I could, I’d be a makeup artist.

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