Elliot Grove, founder of the Raindance Film Festival, breaks down the six things you should stop doing to become a better filmmaker.

I took an unheard-of 3 weeks off for a North American tour in November, and following the British Independent Film Awards on December 9th cut back my hours to about 30 per week from 85. And since the 21st of December the office has been closed. Strange what these days and even weeks of down time has done to my outlook. Being offline for hours and even an entire day at a time has made me realise how few emails are important.

As New Year’s Day approaches I thought I would share my resolutions. This year it isn’t going to be a list of What To Do, it’s going to be 6 Things Filmmakers Should Stop Doing in 2013. My plan is to stop doing each of these cold turkey come the stoke of midnight on New Year’s Eve

1. Stop Checking My Emails Every Few Minutes

Every productivity expert in the world will tell you to check your emails every 90 minutes rather than do what I do: refresh, refresh, refresh. Problem is, it takes me ages to get anything done, because I am always checking my emails. And then answering them.

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(Thanks to Luke Greensmith for suggesting the article.)

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