Courtney from How To Film School covers 10 of the less-than-productive things that Production Coordinators do to slow down the process of a film.

1) Leave things to the last minute – This is something that drives me crazy in all aspects of my life, I do not like things to be left to the last minute. Production Coordinators that think they have all the time in the world and wait until an hour before things are due are not good at their job. There is no harm in getting something done early, worst case is that you have to make some changes but if you have everyone waiting on you THAT IS BAD! If my call time is 8am, I should not have to wait until 10pm the night before to know where I have to be in the morning. There is no reason for this and it is completely unfair to the crew.

2) Don’t Delegate/Over Delegate – I have run into this problem more often than not. I am either working for someone who tries to do everything on their own or I am working for someone who wants me to do all of their work. It is rare that I have found a nice balance. Everyone should be doing their job and in the case of the production coordinator, it is good to delegate tasks but not to the point where you are doing nothing and everyone else is doing your job for you. On the other end of that is a production coordinator that doesn’t trust the team and tries to do everything alone. It is not often that someone can get away with this and perform all of their duties at the best of their ability. Be sure to use the people that are staffed to you but don’t take advantage.

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