Don’t throw away those Silica Gel Packets you get in the dry packaged products – you can use those to absorb moisture and protect your lens from fungus.

The most crucial thing about not getting fungi on your lens is to keep it dry. Not just dry-in-a-dry-cabinet kind of dry, but dry-like-the-desert kinda dry, since any humidity in the air (especially in a dark closet) can convert your lens into a make-shift dish.

Fungi Is Bad For You

It should be obvious why fungi is bad for your lens, but I am going to tell you why anyway.

1. Aside being kinda gross, fungi clutters the optical path in your lens and therefore kills some of the quality of the lens. Left unattended the fungi will spread to consume more and more space rendering the lens semi opaque. Now, that would be a really crappy lens, wouldn’t it?

2. Unlike us humans who eat food and dispose waste, some fungi eats… well.. whatever fungi eats. and dispose acid. This acid can burn the coating on the inner glass elements on the lens, so even if the fungi is removed the lens is still damaged. Bummer, right?

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