Raw is all the rage, but should it be? Art Adams explains how Log gives us 99% of the benefit of a raw file in a grade but with much smaller files.

Years ago I wrote an article describing how log encoding works using Sony’s S-Log as an example. Sony’s S-Log2 is coming down the pike in a big way in their F5 and F55, so it seems like an appropriate time for an update.

First of all, I should warn you that this is a much, much simpler article than the last one. Occasionally I’m accused of being too obtuse, so I’m going out of my way not to go that direction. I suspect this will be easy because my knowledge of log curves stops at the line where math starts. Thanks to a nifty new program I recently bought, OmniGraffle Sketcher, I can illustrate how log works without having to bother either of us with equations or references to exponents.

Well… there may be one or two references to exponents. Stay with me.

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