Kathryn Arnold sits down with Cindy Nelson-Mullen, Co-CEO of MonteCristo International, an international sales agent/production company, and discussed with her the elements it takes to make a profitable film in this changing economic landscape

Kathryn Arnold:  Does a certain director make a difference in making the decision to finance a film?

Cindy Nelson Mullen:  Directors are significant, when they can attract the talent.

KA:  Is it all about the talent? 

CNM:  Mostly because the talent is the draw for the consumer.  The director is an essential part of the equation in so far as he/she can attract the talent and then deliver a quality film once the talent is in place.

KA:  How involved are the distributors in the choices you make for talent and director?

CNM:  Distributors are more saavy now, and they want to make sure they will receive a quality film.  Therefore, they are looking at ALL the elements involved: subject matter, talent, director, and budget.  Because the risk is so high they have to kick the tires a bit, take the project out on a test drive, run their numbers and then make very calculated decisions, that at one time, they made based on a one sheet and pre-determined percentage pricing.

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