Of course it does – writing is rewriting. Professional screenwriter Tom Benedek talks about a project he’s working on and his thoughts on rewriting:

I just finished the first draft of a script that I have been talking about, thinking about, structuring, restructuring, doing research around for way too long. It is still a great feeling. With these pages, I feel like I solved many problems and did interesting creative work. I know there are flaws. I am sure I repeated myself, built some serious inconsistencies, wrote hollow on some days. However, I won’t have a complete picture of any of this until I sit down and read carefully what I wrote. So two weeks and three days after typing THE END on page 139 (Yes, way too long!) I am going to print out the draft. I have it on my IPad, my laptop and my home computer but I will read printed words on paper this time. With a pen in hand. I will go to a place which is not where I wrote any of this – a library, a coffee shop, a little of both maybe – and I will quietly and carefully read what I wrote. I am excited. And a little terrified perhaps. But this will be easier than staring at blank pages for months. Once I arrive at some conclusions, I anticipate that I will be able to have some fun with problem-solving, cutting, pasting, adding words, putting things aside (throwing them out). The truth is – I like rewriting. I get to be with my characters and story, inhabit the world I created. Once immersed, in full concentration, I can do little things that make huge differences. Sure. I can also ruin things with the wrong adjustments. But if I know what I am looking for, I generally will recognize I have it right (or okay for now) when it is actually that way. So onward for me with Love at Goon Park. Wish me luck.

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