Don’t let the production unravel on  you, Iggy from How To Filmschool covers 8 knots you should know on set.

One of the most important things a grip can learn is tying proper knots. There are dozens of situations where the right knot can save you a lot of time and maybe even save someone’s life!

Knots are something all grips should take very seriously! If you are ever unsure of your knot tying, step down and allow someone else to take on the responsibility or ask a friend to double check your work.

Below are some YouTube videos that will teach you some of the knots you might need on set! Learn them and practice often. Practice until you can do them with one hand behind your back while jumping on one leg.

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Simon Hosick

The two I rely on the most are a slipknot and a reef knot. These wouldn’t pass on a ship but they get the job done quick.


Interesting, we have a policy that if one of our readers comments on a post with a valuable suggestion we are willing to link to their personal site or social media account within the actual post.

So, if you are willing and have some great examples of how and when to use a slipknot feel free to comment on the original post and we’ll share whatever link you want.


Thanks guys! I’m researching a potential follow up to this post. If everything works out it should be up in a couple of weeks.

The full article is really thorough and gives examples as to when and why you’d use each knot. Definitely worth the read.

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