Philip Bloom opens up in this personal post about loosing his best friend to cancer and learning how to strike a balance between working and maintaining a life.

I used to have a life. I gave it up 6 and a half years ago. What happened 6 and a half years ago? I went freelance. Do I regret this? Not at all. I am way more content in my work, but it has come at a price. Is this price worth it though, to no longer have a balance in your life? That is what I want to discuss here. This is a quite different personal blog, quite emotional and very honest.

January the 1st 2013. An apt time for a post like this and no this is NOT a new year’s resolution type post…well it is kinda… Just something to get you thinking and figure out what matters to you and how you can manage your time better.

If you visit my site often you will have noticed my lack of posts in December…maybe just one or two. Not many and I am really sorry for that. I try to do two a week if I can. It’s important for a number of reasons. It keeps the site alive and current, gives people a reason to keep checking in and I really enjoy writing them even if my typos are frequent…David Kong (Thanks David!) does copy check them after a day or two but early readers have to pup up with much sloppiness!

So why so few posts last month? Well I tried to take a truly relaxing time off holiday just after Masters in Motion on the 6th of December. My first proper one in well over 18 months. Due to awful personal reasons it ended abruptly and I had to rush to Australia. Whilst there no work was really possible. I managed to get the Movember draw done and get the 180 emails of so done but there simply was no time for posts, for shooting, for pretty much anything work related apart from 3 hours one evening doing a meet up/ shoot-out.  More important things took precedent.

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The full article may as well be a book. I’m really sorry to hear about Bloom’s friend, but embrace the event as a way for him to re-prioritize.I’ve found myself in a passionless cave in life far too many times; hopefully the advice he shares will help out others who are or have been in the same boat.

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