Join professional photographer Magdalena Solé for an information packed lecture on her documentary project. The talk is based on her two years of work in the Mississippi Delta culminating in the release of a book.

By introducing her new book “New Delta Rising” she will explore a series of topics: including the process of photographing spontaneously and intuitively; how to photograph in cultures other than one’s own; how to edit photographs so they reveal a story. How to make a strong connection with your subjects and develop a personal style of shooting.

The photographer says of herself, her work and her Delta project:

“Photography is about illuminating the familiar to reveal the unfamiliar and surprising. To make an exhilarating picture I have to become part of a culture and at the same time retain the perspective of something seen for the first time. For me, the work of photography is entering a new community and then trying to shed my ‘outsiderness.’ Perhaps, this is my one best talent. I became skilled at entering a new culture and finding great joy by becoming invisible and being welcomed at the same time. The Delta is a welcoming place – people have such a deep sense of community and family ties that one more lost soul is a small addition. I am simply the family member with a camera. The Delta is a place where changes do not happen fast. Death seems to be the only inevitable that ripples change into people’s lives.”

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