John Hess reflects on the big issues and what he learned during the final year of the Mayan Long Calendar.

You Talkin' to Me?

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Great reflection! Sounds very familiar to me. Besides the fact that we’re the age, I wrote down this description a couple of days back:

“Top 3 things I enjoy doing:
1. deconstruct the patterns that make up our world (understand the systems & mechanics of things)
2. work on unsolved problems.
3. communicate visually.”

Only since the last 3-4y I’ve decided to spend more time on photography. Just recently I started to invest time to educate myself in story telling & movie techniques. Filmaker IQ has been a great resource so far. Keep up the good work!

Bryant Kearney

John: I was actually looking for you online (hoping to get in touch with you regarding a project you and I discussed several months ago) and I came across this video. I was expecting a bunch of artsy tripe; instead, I was blown away with how clearly and trenchantly you expressed your thoughts. And you were dead on: tribalism is alive and well in our modern world and we’re more segregated today than ever. Today’s iterations of “isms” should be no more tolerated than those of the past; I wonder if we’ll ever figure it out.

Vojin Kovacevic

I was in same mind-state as you are, and we are about the same age (I’m 32), about the state of the world, humanity in crisis and all those adherent hardships of having a “reptilian” brain, so susceptible to those tribal urges and spill outs of aggression that don’t seem to end.

In fact I was wondering: Are we doomed as civilization? As a whole and as lonely individuals.

But a few information I stumbled upon changed my mind. We are, in fact, living at the forefront of an exponential growth in technology, but I don’t mean in it a geek, non-spirited kind of way. All (most, I hope) of our problems, like poverty, energy, health issues and most importantly access to all solution for all will get better, and better – and the strife between us will eventually diminish.

The trick is the exponential growth of it all, the speeding up if you will – and we are sitting in the middle of it! We truly live in interesting times. You being so present in all the social media tells me you are not “anti-tech” smile and are a man who can appreciate what technology can do for humanity, as it has always been, actually.

I think this video will cheer you up, as it did me:

Great and honest video, btw, liked it a lot. I’ve just recently became aware of Filmmaker IQ existence through Facebook (great campaign to reach 100K, kudos!), and became an avid fan.

I’m an aspiring “would be” filmmaker and cinefile, turned IT expert. smile

All the best in 2013 and merry christmas!

Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

You never cease to deliver a thoughtful message John. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Schoenfeld

Thank you John. I found your website about two weeks ago. It’s vaulted to one of my favorites.
30 doesn’t suck that much, trust me. Being authentic trumps 30, 40, 50.
To paraphrase a great line from 2012, everything WILL be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

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