Want a tasty creamy cup of hot cocoa? The secret is to serve it in an orange or creme colored cup. It has nothing to do with the chemical structure but the color of the serving vessel tricks our brains into thinking we’re drinking a high caliber of chocolate. Now you know which color to pick with the production designer asks which mug to use for the shot.

A creamsicle-colored set of mugs will make your hot chocolate taste and smell sweeter than it would taste served in plain white or stark red, according to European scientists. This adds to the growing set of studies that claim the vessel in which our food is served can have a dramatic effect on the way our senses perceive the food.

In what may have been the easiest volunteer experiment ever, 57 people had to drink hot chocolate served in four different types of cups. They were all plastic and the same size, but were either white, cream, red or orange with white inside. The tasters reported the chocolate tasted better in the cream-colored and orange cups.

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