Five Good Reasons to Write a No-Low Budget Script

Clive Davis-Frayne lays out 5 reasons why you should write a low budget script to keep in your writing portfolio.

1. Writing scripts for No-Low Budget is harder than any other form of screenwriting

It may seem odd to suggest that something being harder to do, could be one of the primary reasons for doing it. However, in the case of screenwriting, it’s one of the best reasons. Show the industry that you can do something difficult and you prove that you’re valuable.

No-low budget screenwriting is difficult precisely because of what you can’t do, which is to create spectacle by spending money. A huge car chase, you can’t afford it. A gun fight, you can’t afford that either. Period costume or expensive prop builds, not in your price bracket. Basically, the lower the budget, the more the drama has to come from the relationships between the characters… or in other words, the success and failure of the project rests totally on the shoulders of the screenwriter. Not only does the writing have to be compelling to carry the story and to hold the audience, on top of that, the core concept of the movie has to be strong enough to persuade an audience to chose to spend ninety-minutes with you, as opposed to the multi-million dollar movie with the big name actors and the mind numbing stunts.

Let me be straight with you, this is the very definition of difficult.

The good news is, if you can can persuade an audience your film is worth the effort, and then give them a great filmatic experience, without spending vast amounts of money in production, then there is very little in this industry that you aren’t capable of achieving. The creation of a high-quality, compelling no-budget drama is, for me, the holy grail of screenwriting.

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