The Oscar Winning director Kathryn Bigelow began her career on the advice of an artist who’s famously painted cans of soup.

Kathryn Bigelow is on the cover of the next Time, looking cool as all get out in a slim white suit. Though the profile and corresponding Q&A (the full profile is currently under a paywall) mostly focus on Zero Dark Thirty and the controversy that surrounds, it starts with this fun fact about why she switched from painting to film a few decades ago: “I think I had a conversation with Andy Warhol somewhere in all this, and Andy was saying that there’s something way more populist about film than art — that art’s very elitist, so you’re excluding a large audience. ” Yep, she got into making movies because of a conversation with Andy Warhol. (“In the future, everyone will have a world-famous fifteen-minute torture scene.”) | Read the Full Article

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