Figuring out a rate is a delicate dance between what you bring to the table and how much the client is willing to spend. Here are a few resources that can help solve the pricing dilemma.

It’s possibly the most baffling question that faces new freelancers: What in the heck am I supposed to charge for my work?

You don’t have a sense of market rates yet. Your prospect doesn’t want to tell you their budget. Figuring out what to charge for your freelance services is intimidating.

If you’ve been freelancing for content mills, or on bidding sites, or responding to Craigslist ads, you’ve probably seen loads of offers at rates that wouldn’t support a hamster. It’s confusing to know what fees are appropriate for what type of gig.

You don’t want to bid too low and essentially rip yourself off. But you don’t want to bid too high and lose the gig, either.

Maybe you have a dim sense as a new freelancer that you should charge a bit less than experienced pros in your field. But how much less?

The way to solve this pay-rate question is simple: research. There are tools and resources out there you can use to get a good idea of what freelancers in your line of work charge. Here are seven of the best types of resources for discovering what freelancers are getting paid:

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This is a good list with a few tools that should really help out. I low-balled a client of mine upon receiving my first gig with them not really knowing what I should have been charging. There are some factors to think of when giving your rate, which are covered in this article. One of which I think is important is skill level vs. market value.

Because i was just starting with this company, I didn’t want to take them for a ride financially (nor do I now), and for my first gig, they put me up in a good hotel, paid for my meals and travel for a full week, so those are things to consider when negotiating with people. They love what I do for them, so they’re happy to pay the higher rate I’ve since negotiated with them.

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