Don’t drive the rest of the crew nuts made by engaging in these habits…

1. Re Lighting Every Shot

It has always bothered me when DOPs do this. Not because I don’t want to do to extra work, but because it’s a waste of time and in a lot of cases the lighting won’t match.

Once things are set in the master shot is it really necessary to change everything around completely?

Tweaks, cheats, additions or subtractions make sense, but I have experienced Cinematographers that literally swap out every single light for something else.

Don’t waste the crews time, think about all your coverage while you’re lighting your master and make decisions based on that. DO NOT tackle each shot individually.

2. Asking for Every Toy

This one isn’t so bad for the technicians on set since we love to play with toys, but production team will hate you. Inexperienced DOPs will ask for absolutely everything as if they can’t make a scene work without all the toys.

It is the truly talented professional Cinematographers that understand what tools they need to aid in the telling of the story and make their decisions based on that.

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