Corresponding to the European release of the Sony PWM-F55 camera. “Dig” premiered at the Camerimage Film Festival in Poland on 28th November 2012 and was shot on a pre-production model of the F55. Shot in 4K raw and posted in DaVinci Resolve, the film was uploaded file is an 1080P MP4 at 20Mbps derived from an HD ProRes master.

Besides the image quality, which is obviously second to none, the camera has actually done the unthinkable – make an honest and beautiful test film that’s actually worth time watching. We are about to enter an age where cameras do all the work and create amazing images out of the box. 😛

Of course, I’m being facetious. Fanboys still start their flame wars as they traded their hearts and most of their brains in for an air of self importance. But I digress…

Dig was produced by Fried Pixel Films, a new venture from Cinematographer Steve Lawes and Director Martin Scanlan, for Sony Europe. Those folks are the true reason why this film is so beautiful: Enjoy.

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