Martin Legeer recounts how he built a 360 degree studio for a client using 50 Canon 60D cameras.

This type of project is generally done in warehouse-sized spaces, and there is good reason for that (lighting being one of them). Well, this was a garage about 130-square-feet in area and a ceiling about 8 feet tall. My first reaction was to laugh for a little while. Then I asked if he was serious. I then saw from the look on his face that he really did want me to build the rig there, so my next reaction was, “I have to think about it”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m up for any badness, but this was beyond crazy and bananas.

Next day we sat down in a restaurant and started talking about this a little more… what his vision was, what look he wanted to achieve, and so on. What I ended up with was that he would like to have a shadowless photo on a white background. Maybe some contrast in there, but definitely shadowless.

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