Francis Ford Coppola: There Should Only Be One ‘Godfather’

Francis Ford Coppola tells MTV News he doesn’t believe in sequels.

Robert De Niro and Francis Ford Coppola on set on The Godfather part II

MTV: Does Paramount ever come calling asking you about a “Godfather” sequel?

Coppola: No, I think people have realized that “The Godfather” was never sequel material. I’ve always maintained there should have been one “Godfather,” though I’m proud of the second one, and I thought the third should have been considered a coda and not called “The Godfather: Part III.”

MTV: Would you be annoyed if the studio chose to continue the franchise at some point?

Coppola: Well, yeah, because I feel that all films shouldn’t be sequels. Sequels are not done for the audience or cinema or the filmmakers. It’s for the distributor. The film becomes a brand.

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