Francis Ford Coppola tells MTV News he doesn’t believe in sequels.

Robert De Niro and Francis Ford Coppola on set on The Godfather part II

MTV: Does Paramount ever come calling asking you about a “Godfather” sequel?

Coppola: No, I think people have realized that “The Godfather” was never sequel material. I’ve always maintained there should have been one “Godfather,” though I’m proud of the second one, and I thought the third should have been considered a coda and not called “The Godfather: Part III.”

MTV: Would you be annoyed if the studio chose to continue the franchise at some point?

Coppola: Well, yeah, because I feel that all films shouldn’t be sequels. Sequels are not done for the audience or cinema or the filmmakers. It’s for the distributor. The film becomes a brand.

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