Too bad the apocalypse didn’t happen – it would have been a sweet time for filmmakers…

1 – No More Rules

“I’m sorry sir, you can’t film here.”
“Do you have a permit?”
“That’s against the law!”
“That’s unethical!”
If you are anything like me these are things you’ve heard time and time again.  Now, at last, you can kiss all that goodbye.  Film where you want, film what you want with no pesky “laws” or “society” to hold you back.

Until the apocalypse hits though (and in the unlikely event that it doesn’t) you might want to brush up on some Basic Legal Contracts

2 – Zombies Provide Cheap Affordable Extras

Extras add great production value to your movie.  Unfortunately they are but a pipe dream for the average low budget filmmaker… But now you can just round up a few zombie hordes to shuffle in the background.  Best of all they don’t mind being, and in fact should be, shot at.

Not a zombie apocalypse? Well, improvise using the Power of Special Effects

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