The folks at Planet 5D borrowed Canon’s medium-end Full Frame cameras and did a quick test in the parking lot comparing the Canon 6D, 5D Mk II and Mk III.

Ignoring the somewhat sloppy editing and graphics, this video demonstrates a truth about the DSLR Revolution – it’s done. There’s not a huge difference in terms of quality between these three generations of cameras. The DSLR revolution gave us the ability to get some really cool  footage out of tiny stills cameras and it proved there is a market out there for larger format senors on the low end, but folks, this is as good as it gets. If you want fixes to issues like moire and rolling shutter, you need to look towards cameras that are dedicated to video, not just stills camera with a motion picture feature.

And that’s not speculation – it’s happening right now with Canon’s C-line, Sony’s NEX line and the lower end F line and even the Black Magic Cinema camera. These companies are not going to cannibalize their higher end camcorders with a magic DSLR that can do the same things.

Enjoy these cameras for what they are, for the freedom they offer to still potentially shoot great images, but don’t expect  amazing video when shooting a brick wall in a dirty parking lot.

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I think moire is a result of the spacing between the bricks, the lens, the size of the imager, and the type of scan of the image off the camera imaging chip. Since that info is complex, I am not sure how to interpret these obvious visual problems.


All good guys, thanks for both the comparison video and for posting it!

Bob Cole

Thanks for the video and the article. Nice dose of reality about the DSLR revolution, though I’d be more positive about the 5d Mark III. To me, moire is a bigger issue than rolling shutter, and the III’s improvements in that department are encouraging. I don’t own a Mark III, but I wouldn’t dismiss the value of a full-frame image, even against the newer video cameras you mentioned.


Ok, gosh, I failed – I see the issues now. Hard to believe/explain, but I struggled a lot yesterday with the plugins for the graphics and the side by side shots – and I still don’t know why, but they would reset themselves without notice. When I did my final review before exporting, the side by side shots were all timed perfectly!



“somewhat sloppy editing and graphics” – ok, help me learn. What’d I do that is so sloppy and why don’t you like the graphics?

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