A Thief Caught on a Timelapse Shoot

Michael Gertschen was shooting astro-timelapse when one of his three cameras was nabbed by a thief. He captured the incident on camera and luckily the police were able to recover the stolen camera.

This short “making of Helvetia by Night” video shows you why it is not a good idea to leave expensive equipment unattended anytime. I was very lucky to get back a stolen camera and quite surprised so see the images on its card!

I set up 3 cameras to shoot the Perseids meteor shower in August 2012 and left the place to join a birthday party. I was shocked to miss one of them when I returned a couple hours later. No insurance would pay for such a loss. The other two cameras recorded the flashlight of the thief. I could tell the police that he spent exactly 37 minutes on the hill.

This information was less helpful than the fact, that the thief showed off his prey in public the same night. Witnesses told the police and he was caught. The thief climbed the hill to watch the stars without a bad intention but couldn’t resist to take something that did not belong to him.

I have to admit that providing such an opportunity was careless and partly my fault as well. After all, this annoying incident results in a quite funny time-lapse clip, so enjoy!