5 Simple Secrets To Sharper Images

DSLR filmmakers love the freedom of shooting all the way wide open. But the results of shooting with a wide aperture and shallow depth of field is dull and soft images, especially if you’re not shooting on the top-of-the-line pro lenses. Fortunately, there are several techniques to that may help get more sharpness out of DSLR with the lenses you already have.

Pay attention to the basics.  Hold the camera properly.  Your right hand should grip the camera with your finger ready to press the shutter button. Your left hand should cradle the lens. Tuck your elbows firmly against your side. Press the eye cup of the camera firmly against your head.  This three-point stance stabilizes the camera and holds it steadier than holding the camera out and away from your face, with your arms extended.

Use a polarizing filter. Polarizers are famous for darkening blue skies on sunny days, but they are just as useful in other situations. In misty or hazy situations, polarizers can help cut through that haze.  Haze has the effect of softening an image, so using a polarizer to eliminate the haze enhances sharpness. So don’t hesitate to put the polarizer on your lens, even when darkening a blue sky isn’t the reason.

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