The movie industry is a manufacturer of dreams. So much so that even the process of filmmaking is shrouded with dreamy mythology.   presents ten dirty secrets of the “independent film” industry.

1. There is no such thing as independent film

The film industry is all run by the conglomerates and studios who hatch small boutique companies to trade on the name ‘independent’. These production companies are run by the same moguls as their bigger budget Hollywood counterparts. In this corporate realm, moguls offer actors scale work on the promise that the cool films and directors they work with will enhance their careers. The producers of these lower budget films are offered elusive back end deals based on the success of the distribution process. Of course any profit is gobbled up by expenses.

2. It’s who you know, not what you know.

A good political mind is a far better asset to a budding filmmaker than anything else. Get really good at building relationships with the people that will matter to your career; distributors, sales agents and journalist. While you are at it, find out who the hot new PR’s are, and budget their fees into your monthly budget.

3. Casting counts.

Forget talent. Low budget films are bought and sold depending on the cast. Develop your relationships with new and established talent. Prove to them that you are the ‘Next Hot Thing,’ Demonstrate your skills working with actors by taking gigs in fringe theatre and by directing award winning short films.

If pursuing talent is not your game remember that you can always play the genre card and make either a horror or science fiction movie where the concepts are generally so strong you won’t need cast. | Read the Full Article

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Readers may have to ask that the child name of the cinema. It is ‘bioscope’,is a kind of cinevission,which started with fewsome soundless features.
In the year of 1896,on 7th July,Lumere Brothers focussed one features in Bombay Watson Hotel.

Raindance is one of the world’s top 10 website resources for filmmakers. We are putting together a list of website to reccomend to our European filmmakers, and this is going to be on the lsit!

Caleb Herring

I’ve been really liking the stuff Raindance puts up!


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