Vincent Laforet describes his travel case when he brings the RED Epic on the road with him.

I have spent a good portion of this year on the road, from Australia to Southeast Asia and back – and I made the point of  taking my RED across the globe.    What’s the point of owning such a camera if it lives on the shelves back at the office after all?

The challenge has been: how do you carry a digital cinema camera with you across the world, have the essentials you need to shoot, without lugging a number cases of gear with you everywhere?  

As I have said from the beginning, my favorite thing about the RED EPIC is how compact and portable it is.   It’s the closest (at 5K capable of 120 fps producing RAW files) that you can currently get to traveling with an IMAX camera today…

The beauty is that you can carry this camera in a backpack or roller case with you literally anywhere, along with all the accessories you need to shoot – which can’t be said of most high end cinema cameras – they’re simply too big and far too heavy.

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