Rhubarb Rhubarb is a 30 minute film made by Thames TV and transmitted in 1980. It is a re-make of Eric Sykes’ 1969 short film, Rhubarb.

The word “rhubarb” is the only one uttered, many times over, in this film. (Likewise, the golf game takes place at the Royal Rhubarb golf course, and at one point a character is seen reading a newspaper called the Daily Rhubarb whose headlines consist entirely of the word ‘rhubarb’.)

In the United Kingdom it is or was common for a crowd of extras in acting to shout the word “rhubarb” repeatedly and out of step with each other, to cause the effect of general hubbub. It was this use which inspired Sykes to use it as the only word in Rhubarb Rhubarb.


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