Ron Dawson outlines how to raise your rates – by proving your value.

Last week I had the amazing pleasure to record a keynote presentation given by the New York Times Bestselling author of “The Noticer” and “The Traveler’s Gift,” Andy Andrews. It was for a corporate sales conference where we did photography and video. Thursday was the last day of a nearly week-long event involving training, inspiring, and plenty of libations. Andy was giving the final speech of the week, to send the employees off motivated and inspired to win million dollar deals.

Just before Andy went on stage, he was chatting with some of the corporate executives. You know, small talk and chit-chat. (Even Andy’s small talk and chit-chat is inspirational.) I just happen to hear it because he was miked, and I had my headphones on. (That doesn’t count as eavesdropping does it? ) Anyway, Andy told them this great story that when I heard it I thought, “Now that’s a blog post!”

He explained to them he’s all about “proof.” (If you’ve heard him talk or give an interview, you may already know this). He asked the executives, “Why do larger company’s frequently hire keynote speakers, regardless of cost?” Answer: because they always have. They want to be able to say, “So and so spoke at our corporate training event.” But do they look at what those speakers actually provide? Can they quantitatively see how much value that $50,000+ speaker brought to the company?’

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