Yes it’s a piece of juicy gossip, but Marion Cottilard’s anecdote should remind directors about what our power and responsibility are when on set.

“I fought for a project and I fought for the director because he was the one that brought the project and I fell in love with it, and then I spent two months in the middle of the desert wanting to kill him and wanting to beat myself because I fought for him and he was so bad. He had no idea of what we were doing, he had no idea of what he wanted to do… I got my French version of the Razzie nomination [for worst performance] award and I really wanted to have it!”

Marion Cotillard

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Yep! Seems like the film was Le dernier vol [The Last Flight] (2009) and the director was Karim Dridi. It got her the “Desperate Actress” (?)(du désespoir féminin – my french needs improving) nomination in the 2010 Gérard du cinéma awards.

IMDB says Karim Dridi has not made another film since 2009.
Moral: Never piss off Marion Cotillard! smile


I looked up a little on imdb , maybe it is this film?


whats the movie shes talking about?

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