I few months ago I looked into making prop guns with a 3D printer. I basically found out it would be cheaper, easier and better to just buy/rent them. However in the future as technology improves and costs lower it may be a great tool for props, DIY camera gear and all sorts of things. So when I came across this article in Popular Science about possible legal issues involving p[printing hand guns it caught my eye. The spoiler is it’s a currently a gray area in the law, but legal experts believe it is currently not illegal.

This raises lots of interesting questions,” says Michael Weinberg, a staff attorney at Public Knowledge, a legal consortium focused on digital technology, the internet and intellectual property. “There are going to be a lot of stories in the future about people doing interesting things and uninteresting things with 3-D printing. The question people need to ask themselves is: was this possible before 3-D printing? And if so, did the use of a 3-D printer fundamentally change the nature of it. For this, it seems to me that the answer is no.

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