How do you convey the chilliness of the winter months? Here are a few tips from Simon Bray to get some extra “brrr” in your shots.

Snow Exposure

One of the most difficult elements of photographing in winter is the reflection of light from bright white snow-covered scenery. The amount of light available will fool the camera sensor and cause it to misread the white balance settings resulting in a dull grey or blue wash on the image.

What you are looking to achieve is a pure white image and there are two solutions to this. The first is to manually alter the white balance, which is possible to do in post if shooting RAW, but you’re better off knowing that you’ve got a well balanced image at the time. All you need to do is experiment with the different white balance settings in order to find the one that accurately portrays the scene before you. Start with the daylight setting.

The other way in which to achieve that whiteness that you’re after is by knocking up the exposure by somewhere between +0.3 to +1.0 EV, but being careful not to completely overexpose the image. The amount by which you increase the exposure will depend upon the available light, so again, it’s a case of experimenting at the time.’

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