Chris Jones offers 10 tips for designing movie posters aimed at grabbing the eye of a sales agents, distributors or audience members.

1. The poster is NOT a piece of art…
well of course it is art, and I love movie posters, they adorn my walls. But I suspect they never began life as artwork that would be traded many years later and thought of as ‘art’ for the home of geeks like me. They began life as a way to catch the eye and tempt the mind. I know we all love some classic movie posters, but they were designed to sell tickets, not look cool in our office or bedrooms. Don’t design a poster for your homee. Design a poster to sell tickets.

2. Make the title BIG…
your poser should convey the title and genre in a glance. Most posters I see for indie films have small, difficult to read titles. Don’t use fonts or colours that stop the title from popping out, make it readable in a glance.

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