Photographer-artist Miss Aniela shot to internet fame with her series of heavily stylised images, including many self-portraits. Here are her top photography tips for shooting more creative portraits.

Use props imaginatively

Using a magnifying glass in Tusk (below) enabled me to turn a simple beauty portrait into something quirkier. The blue of the magnified eye made the overall colour palette of the image more interesting, and the reflections in the glass add a further dimension.

Make use of the unexpected

I often develop concepts spontaneously around things that I find. For example in Harmony String(below) I made surreal use of an old painting that I found in the prophouse location.

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Check out more of Miss Aniela’s work on her site.

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Interesting style which sometimes reminds me of something from the middle ages, with the dark mood of people in the trees for example.
By the way, I love the new layout for this site, easy to navigate and cool to read.

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