Steven Spielberg’s years of anger toward his father, and their later reconciliation, is still playing out in his films. Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes reports.

You Talkin' to Me?

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I’ve always wondered about this Spielberg’s relationship with his father. I first became aware during his appearance on “Inside the Actors Studio”. My curiousity has always been this: in several films there is an absentee father or a father reconnecting with his children, so there’s always a loving mother present but the movie is never about her or shall I put it another way, there is never a female lead in any Spielberg film and/or films/tv series he produces. Why is that? Why hasn’t he ever had a female lead? Where the story revolves around her, told from her perspective, and involves womens issues?

Now I am perfectly aware of all the “strong supporting roles” female actors have played in his films. Supporting isn’t lead. So he loves him mom, obviously, but has never told a story about a woman. . . I have always been curious about that.

I do find some of his films to be sexist, not all. He is a master of his craft but has failed to represent half of his audience onscreen, which is a shame coming from one of his female fans.

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