Olivia Speranza previews the Q Sniper Shotgun Microphone – a small portable shotgun aimed at DSLR shooters. Small editorial to follow video…


The Que Audio Sniper Pro Shotgun Booming Kit gives you the necessary components for on-camera recording and location sound booming with a DSLR camera. This complete kit starts with all the pieces from the Que Audio DSLR Video Pro Microphone Kit, with a few additions.

In the video I run down what is included in the Que Audio Sniper PRO kit and show you guys a measurement of the audio captured. The frequency analyzer is displaying the frequency response of the Que Audio shotgun microphone’s range in hertz.

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This looks like an interesting kit especially with the lightweight boom arm. Shotgun mics NEED to be boomed. Do not put a shotgun microphone on the camera’s hotshoe and think you’re all done with your audio set up. You need to get your audio as close to the subject as possible and preferably right above the subject. This earlier video from Olivia Tech gives some good explanation on how to boom, and why putting a shotgun on the camera is about the worse place you can put it.

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