Many of the effects in Jurassic Park were done the good old fashioned way – with a man in a suit. Watch the evolution of a Raptor going from a crude “garbage bag” version to a fully realized radio controlled monster.

Although Stan Winston Studio created multiple raptors for JURASSIC PARK, including full-size cable-controlled puppets, half-puppets and insert legs, some Raptor shots were most efficiently captured with a man in a suit. SWS supervisor John Rosengrant was pegged as the main Raptor suit performer, with SWS concept designer Mark “Crash” McCreery also pitching in when the shot required two raptors.


To determine the suit’s configuration, the Winston team overlaid Raptor drawings on images of Rosengrant in various positions. The crew then did a body cast on him, and sculpted the Raptor form around that cast.?

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