/Film interviews Rian Johnson, writer and director of Looper talks about the time travel tropes and how to pick your battles when working in Sci-Fi. MAJOR SPOILERS – frankly this won’t even make sense unless you’ve seen the film – which you should… it’s good.

Looper is exactly the kind of movie we all say we want, mixing a tried and true genre with new ideas and interesting themes. It’s not based on an old property, it’s not a sequel or franchise. Instead Looper is original and sure to spawn lots of discussion. We have writer/director Rian Johnson to thank for that. Coming off two small but solid movies (Brick, and The Brothers Bloom) Johnson proves with Looper that his ideas are bigger than his previous box office.

/Film once again sat down with Johnson to talk about the film and not only touched upon its unconventional blend of genre and theme,  but got deep into what makes the movie tick. I’m talking major spoilers. The bulk of what we discussed was highlighted in last week’s article, Ten Mysteries in ‘Looper’ Explained by Director Rian Johnson, but here you can watch and listen to Johnson explain all the different facets of the film and plot mysteries himself, and in full.

Check out the spoiler-filled video below.

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