Jeff Foster takes the newly launched GoPro Hero 3 for a spin and compare it to the previous generation first-person action camera.

So GoPro had this little “launch event” this week to introduce the new Hero3 to the world and invited a bunch of media folks from all over the globe to San Francisco to take part in it and get a hands-on experience. Little did we know that even included race cars, motorcycles, hot air balloons, jets, catamarans and diving with sharks! It was an amazing experience to get a real feel for what the GoPro can do, so let’s take a closer look at the Hero3…

The Hero3 Overview

First of all, this amazing new camera is completely redesigned from the ground up… about 30% thinner than it’s predecessor, the Hero2. And with an improved sensor that gives 12MP still images and up to 4K video @ 15fps, and the new anamorphic glass lens is beautifully sharp and has less barrel distortion. There are really so many enhancements in this camera that I’m going to have to break this review into two parts, just to get enough comparison data and hands-on examples to cover it all. But first, let’s take a look at the Hero3 and some specs:

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