The Lytro camera is an interesting camera in the world of photography. Instead of recording to a 2D sensor like traditional cameras, the Lytro camera records a 3D light field. This allows you pull focus after you take the picture. But in the future, it also means you’ll be capturing 3D images as well (with ONE camera). Though this technology is currently bleeding edge, could this be the future of digital video?

Lytro isn’t done extending the usefulness of its light field camera just because we have manual controls. Another update due by the end of the year will take advantage of that focus-independent sensor to allow a parallax-based 3D effect in photos: invoke a ‘full’ focus in reviewing shots and you can start poking around the scene in a limited way without having ever touched a dual-sensor camera. Appropriately, we’re also getting support for examining photos on 3D monitors and TVs that emphasize the added depth.

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