Vincent Laforet covers the details of his favorite remote power solution for low draw devices.

There are very few gadgets out there that I can honestly say are “must haves” for just about every road warrior out there… but I think I may just have found one.

For every photo/video enthusiast, photographer, filmmaker, line-producer, musician, time lapse photographer, audio-engineering computer geek…. anyone who likes to always be on the road and on the go, ONE thing always seems to stand in the way of true freedom out on the road: PORTABLE POWER.

And I think I just found the ultimate gadget to finally say goodbye to limitation: the Freedom-1 Portable AC Power Solution battery pack.  You can carry an AC outlet with you wherever you go!

Say goodbye to those cigarette plug power adapters that constantly switch off, USB cigarette adapters & the spaghetti of power cords… this is one tight little package with impressive performance, designed to produce ultra clean AC power (i.e., for high-end electronics and photographic gear). No more running around to find power outlets, waiting endlessly for them to charge, or deciding which one to charge 

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