Build a Mountain Lion Hackintosh w/ Thunderbolt That’s Faster Than a Mac Pro — for Half the Price

Want to take that Build it Yourself mentality of PCs to the world of Apple? Ryan Koo of No Film School shows you how to build your own Hackintosh for a fraction of the cost of a Mac pro.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion came out this summer and it supports the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors — which means it’s time to update our guide to building a Mac out of high-performance, inexpensive PC components. It also happens that you can get a PC motherboard with Thunderbolt ports that work in OS X — and you can’t even get a Thunderbolt Mac Pro! Our old machine (the Hackintosh I built in October 2010) is still running great, but this new machine is much faster than a Mac Pro and is still less than half the price — with the latest nVidia graphics cards also getting native support for great video/3D/pro performance. With Apple CEO Tim Cook notingthere’s something new in the works for later next year (2013), it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a new Mac Pro anytime soon (and when it does come out it’ll likely be much more expensive than this machine) — so here’s a step-by-step guide to building the latest, greatest (fake) Mac money can buy.

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