The Kid in the front Row details 10 personality types that can hurt your sanity and career. But is it really possible to avoid these people? Or is success borne from or more of these characteristics?

If you want to succeed, if you want to be happy, if you want to get work done, then you need to ditch these people. The seeds of creativity are just that, seeds. If you’re in the wrong environment, with the wrong people, they’ll never blossom. These are ten people who will do their utmost best to kill your spark.

1. The Drama Queen. 

Everything is a huge drama! They had to wait fifty minutes for an audition, so will spend four hours that night telling you about it. And moaning about how hard done by the are. And they’ll build big and elaborate stories around the dullest of things.

2. The Delusional. 

They were at a networking party and met a guy called Bob who said he was a producer. And he said, “I think you have a quality.” So, your friend calls you up all excited because he/she thinks he/she has a ‘quality’, and will now be getting Oscars. And they ramble on and ramble on. And the delusionals; they keep trying to skip the hard work. Keep trying to bypass the struggle. They think they have a golden ticket.

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Simon Hosick

I recently had the misfortune to work for a director who exhibited most of those traits. Never again.

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