Vincent Laforet was out with a camera like everyone in LA on September 21, 2012 as the Space Shuttle Endeavor made it’s final landing at LAX. Here is the footage, shot on a RED Epic at 96 fps.

Given that my office is a mere 4-5 minutes from LAX I couldn’t resist going out to shoot NASA’s Endeavour Shuttle as it landed at Los Angeles Internationals airport today on its final flight atop a 747.  

Some incredibly cool people actually helped me get onto roof of their building with a forklift and a few crates to make it to the top… 

NASA’s Shuttle fleet was retired last year after 30 years of flight.  Endeavour is the second of three remaining shuttles to head to its retirement home – in this case the the California Science Center.  

Endeavour, the youngest shuttle, replaced Challenger which tragically blew up during liftoff in 1986.  

During 25 missions, Endeavour spent 299 days in space and orbited the earth  nearly 4,700 times, racking up 123 million miles.

It was a beautiful day – hampered by some pretty heavy duty heat waves as you’ll see, given that the shuttle landed at 1 p.m.  

This footage was shot with a RED Epic, at 5K resolution, at 96 frames per second with a Canon 800mm 5.6 lens. 

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